The Southeast Foundation

The Southeast Foundation (“SEF”) is an inter-denominational Christian outreach ministry that William R. “Bill” Fagan founded in 1976 and led until his death in August 2016, after which SEF’s two other Board members, David Brantley and John Rice, decided to continue Bill’s mission and work.  Since then, SEF has continued to principally target its ministry in southeast Louisiana, as Bill did.  Since January 2017, SEF has hosted annual dinners in New Orleans that have each featured keynote speakers, annual Men’s Retreats at the Solomon Retreat Center in Loranger, Louisiana (led by Ken Boa and Jack Deere), annual events held at the Walden Clubhouse in Baton Rouge that have featured keynote speakers (including Rod Dreher on November 14, 2020), and monthly luncheon meetings in Baton Rouge, Mandeville and New Orleans, as well as other events. SEF’s ministry serves a wide range of individuals, including those who seek to deepen their faith, or to study and better understand Jesus’ message and teachings, or to others who want to find out what the Gospel is all about.  SEF’s meetings and events present opportunities for fellowship, teaching, sharing, prayer, worship, singing, friendship and many other things.  SEF seeks to build, enhance and strengthen relationships between those involved with the ministry, and each individual’s personal relationship with Jesus.

More Information About SEF?

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